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We're building a community of storytellers, activists, and amplifiers
to strengthen our democracy


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Our Goal

Tell the stories behind our shared values of freedom, economic fairness, and democracy while drowning out the right-wing echo chamber

How We Do This

Amplifying content, organizing volunteers to be effective online storytellers, and building community to make our impact last

Ways To Get Involved


Amplify content from the Megaphone program to your online networks.


Post original content highlighting your own perspective, captions written in your own words.


Do you have a story to tell about democracy or another issue you care about? We want to work with you to do so and amplify it.

Megaphone App

Megaphone is an app created specifically to help progressives be influential online messengers. The app includes a library of digital content that reflects and tells the story of our progressive values.


You can post the content as-is or customize your post to share it in your own words. As you scroll through the content library, you’ll find anything from a meme about labor rights to a video featuring a real doctor talking about healthcare access and beyond — all of this content can be shared directly to your social media from within the app.


To set up an account, fill out our interest form.


Additionally, you can download the app on your iOS device here or search Our Megaphone on the app store.

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